Testimonials: Marcella


I had been diagnosed as having degenerative disc disease.   Because the pain was continually getting worse, my doctor recommended physical therapy rather than pain management.

My initial appointment with Betty was an eye-opener.  She was pretty sure my issues came down to my hip and not my back.  After x-rays and a consult with an orthopedic doctor I had a total hip replacement.  My home care consisted of a therapist coming to me three times.  I felt I was pushed to do exercises I was not ready to do and so was not doing as well as I expected I should.  After a followup visit to my doctor, therapy was prescribed again.  This time I was able to have Betty as my therapist.  I had very tight and tired front leg muscles.  With Betty’s help I am much better and am now back to work.

Betty really cares for her clients and wants to see them getting better.  I would recommend her to anyone who ever needs physical therapy.

She is excellent!