Experienced therapist with a functional view.

We strive to hire and maintain top notch therapists who have lot's of experience under their belts. Great understanding of anatomy and physiology as well as neurology and how all this relates to functional abilities. We are patient goal oriented. We are very interested in what are patients experiences are with us and strive to make every patient feel comfortable and at ease in a sometimes very scary time of their lives. Our documentation system is a very secure online site and our therapists use iPads to enter in and view charts. Tis system allows us to access a chart no matter where we are, fax right from this system in just seconds. A Doc calls and needs info while a patient is at his/her office, no problem we can pop onto the system and fax it! We are striving to make communication with other providers as well as referring providers easy and encouraged as well as secure and HIPPA compliant.

Mobile outpatient therapy services in home, gym, office, school setting.

Typically home services are provided very temporarily by home health agencies and these require patients to be homebound. This is particularly difficult as a therapist because we want our patients to get better and get out into their communities. Since our services are considered outpatient we can choose to treat anywhere without patients needing to be homebound. We can see patients in their homes, at their local gyms, work place, school, or whatever best suits their schedule and need. We have mobile equipment which allows us to perform almost all outpatient clinic treatments at home.  This allows us to see patients in their utmost functional setting, or even treat an athlete before or after a game or practice.

Aquatic therapy at a variety of locations and pool temperatures.

We offer aquatic therapy therapy to our patients at local pools. Water has great properties that allow for support, resistance, and assistance in a three dimensional workout making it the most functional therapy available.  It also allows us to gain the same goals that we were looking for on land, but with less potential pain and swelling.  We offer a wellness program that allows for a session with the PT to set up a program which results in a personalized program for patients to follow.   The patient can then meet with the therapist in 4-6 weeks for progression of the program.

Functional Capacity/Job Placement Assessments:

This is a battery of tests that helps patients and referring providers/employers know the safe work level of an individual.  This can help establish physical limits for the patient, as well as whether or not it’s safe for them to begin or resume work.   In addition, these tests can be used to help employers and providers complete disability paperwork.  Our PTs provide expert objective testing, not just subjective reporting which can be very difficult to qualify and measure when dealing with workplace injury and rehabilitation.

Outpatient clinic in Hermon.

Our outpatient clinic offers Physical/Occupational/Speech Language Pathology services to all age ranges.  We test for FCE and JPA at this site.  Welcome to our new facility servicing the Town of Hermon and the surrounding regions. You no longer need to travel far to reach your therapist. We have a very convenient location in the Danforth's shopping plaza making it easy to grab a coffee at Dunkin Donuts, do your banking or shopping at Danforth's, True Value or Family Dollar.

Supporting our community and our profession.

We currently participate with Husson University in their Doctorate of Physical Therapy student education experience. Twice a year we have students come to our practice and participate in hands on training of what they have learned so far with the supervision of one of our experienced therapists. We feel this support to our students is a very important part in developing well rounded students with compassion, "good hands", and a sense of community. For perspective therapy students we encourage and welcome folks to shadow a therapist for the day.

Covey Physical Therapy also enjoys supporting our local community organizations through sponsorship of teams for several golfing events and fundraisers, Children's Day, Hampden Youth Hockey, St. Joseph's Memorial Golf Tournament, Beach to Beach, MS walk, and more.

Health and wellness classes.

We will be holding health and wellness classes at our Hermon Clinic.  Tai Chi for seniors, arthritis groups, and stretching programs for both individuals and employers looking to create a healthy work environment.

Equipment needs.

With our current services we will identify equipment needs and help to acquire this equipment working with both the physicians/providers and durable medical equipment companies.  We are striving to develop a wheelchair clinic available at the Hermon site to help expedite the equipment acquisition process.  Currently there is only one practice in the area that does this and it usually takes months for an appointment just to start the process.